“Greenpeace: corporations ‘govern’ our desires, so let’s get greenwashing”

Dawn on the Vancouver Media Co-op

Earlier this month in a blog post, Amy Larkin, the Solutions Director of Greenpeace USA asked a question of her organization that many of us have been wondering about.

“Why are we working so closely with these corporations?” wrote Larkin. “Because corporations now govern how we live, where we live, what we eat, wear, and desire… and also whether or not our natural world retains its bounty, its beauty and its beneficence,” she wrote.

Even though I’ve been critical of Greenpeace for some time now, it still irked me when I read the statement above. Basically, I take it to mean the following: corporations rule the world, and so we’re going to “fight” so that they will become greener, friendlier firms with better ads and even smilier faces. Greenpeace might as well be greening jails at this point. Absolute bollocks.

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